Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Jade 2010

-purple ipod nano 5th generation (don't sell them anymore so probably have get from ebay or somewhere)

-GHD straighteners or just some good straighteners.

-BaByliss Pro 200 Nano Mini PURPLE Hair Straightener with 230v Travel Adapter.
^Mini portable purple hair straighteners to take to school to sort out flicks.

-Mini hoover because our room and desks are always covered in hamster food, sawdust and droppings and its annoying having to always get out the big hoover.



-cool laptop case, phone case or ipod case, preferably purple.

-Harry Potter 5th DVD- The order of the pheonix.

-Nice pyjamas.

-Cool dressing gown, preferably with frogs on and NOT pink.

-Take that 'Progress' album.



  1. I've got the H Potter dvd, Debx

  2. We've got Babyliss Mini straigteners - purple - for bday; will update on Xmas present asap. Jane n Alex

  3. And Take THat Progress album for xmas...

  4. Coincidentally enough, there's a purple 5G iPod Nano going for £92 in a 2nd-hand shop in Ebourne. No idea if that's a good price or not, but let me know if anyone wants me to pick it up...

  5. Answer to Rowan: I'll go in £20 for birthday pres if anyone wants to club together.
    Of course Bast won't see this so ought we to tell/ask him?

  6. Well, looks like the iPod's sold now, so anyone wanting to promise the rest of the money is too late, sorry!