Friday, 2 November 2012

Seb 2012

The Woman Who Died a Lot (Thursday Next 7)

A Blink of the Screen: Collected Short Fiction

The Long Earth

Neewer Tape to PC USB Cassette-to-MP3​ Converter Capture Adapter Audio Music Player or similar

Seb & Tracey: flat pasta type bowls \___/ shape

S&T: hand blender (lost the active end off ours)

Tracey 2012

Fluffy socks  (bed sock type stuff) lots

Fingerless gloves

Neil Oliver documentaries DVD -  e.g. Vikings etc.

Alice Roberts (prof.)  DVD -  Prehistoric autopsy

E books in any format -  psychology see below

by Nigel Benson 

Jade 2012

-The 'Gone' series by Michael Grant: 'Gone', 'Hunger', 'Lies', 'Plague'. But not 'Fear' because i already have that. (I don't mind which ones, as i have already read all of them, i just want to own them and to read them again)

-Mini hoover.

-book vouchers or clothes vouchers.


-scarf and gloves (woolly).

-slipper socks or slippers.

Leo 2012

Really wants Teen Titans DVD's but I've only managed to find them on US format (NTSC) DVD's unless anyone knows a way to get them UK compatible

Dark Knight Rises

James Bond - 22 Film Collection [DVD] [1962]

Red Dwarf: Series 1-8 [DVD] [1998]

by Frank Miller (Paperback)

by Jim Starlin (Paperback)

Brenna 2012

  • NIKON Coolpix L310  [money towards] please contact parents
  • books by John Green: 'An Abundance of Catherines', 'Looking for Alaska' and 'Paper Towns'. 
  • vouchers for clothing [newlook, h&m, primark etc.]
  • DS games: Super monkey ball, any mario games
  • any SIMS Computer Games or DS games [NOT pets ones]