Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Brenna 2010

-Money for Barcelona!
-Portable DVD player

-Hamster cages/toys/treats
-DVDs (new Terminator, Kick Ass, Sherlock Holmes, Death at a Funeral [english!!], the Hangover, Mirrormask) -Digital camera
-Fish thing from Tansley Garden Centre
-Giant babygrows (from Primark)

Leo 2010

Action figures – Heath Ledger Joker, Bullseye, Daredevil, Charles Xavier, Gambit

Batman book ‘Hush’

Daredevil book ‘The man without Fear’


Video – Batman Brave & Bold with episode ‘The Long Arm of the Law”

Video – Spiderman 3

Video – Tom & Jerry Nutcracker

DS Game of Wolverine and Deadpool


World War Hulk (book or film)

Wii game: Batman Brave & the Bold

Jade 2010

-purple ipod nano 5th generation (don't sell them anymore so probably have get from ebay or somewhere)

-GHD straighteners or just some good straighteners.

-BaByliss Pro 200 Nano Mini PURPLE Hair Straightener with 230v Travel Adapter.
^Mini portable purple hair straighteners to take to school to sort out flicks.

-Mini hoover because our room and desks are always covered in hamster food, sawdust and droppings and its annoying having to always get out the big hoover.



-cool laptop case, phone case or ipod case, preferably purple.

-Harry Potter 5th DVD- The order of the pheonix.

-Nice pyjamas.

-Cool dressing gown, preferably with frogs on and NOT pink.

-Take that 'Progress' album.


Tracey 2010

warm clothes

long over knee socks

heat packs

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Seb 2010


New David Mitchell book
Jasper Fforde - the one after 'Well of lost plots' - 'Something rotten' I think
Token for itunes istore

Her fearful symmetry – niffenegger

Wii F1 racing game (2009 fine as 2010 v expensive)

Secret of Kells on DVD

Asterix and Obelix's 50th birthday book